Public Offer

The public offer agreement is public, that is, according to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, its conditions are the same for all buyers, regardless of their status (individual, legal entity, individual-entrepreneur). With full consent with this agreement, the Buyer accepts the conditions and procedure for placing an order, payment for goods, delivery of goods, liability for an unfair order and for failure to comply with the terms of this agreement. The agreement is considered concluded from the moment you click the CONFIRM ORDER button on the ordering page and confirm its purchase.


The Website –

The product is an object of agreement between the parties, which was chosen by the Buyer from the list of products posted on the website.

The Buyer is any capable individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur, in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation, that intends to purchase this or that product, and pay for the receipt of such goods.

The Seller is the executor of the Buyer’s order.


2.1 This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) defines the features of the sale and purchase of goods on the website.

2.2 Pressing the CONFIRM ORDER button on the ORDER page on the Internet resource means that the Buyer, regardless of the status (individual, legal entity, individual-entrepreneur), in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation, took to fulfill the terms of the public offer agreement, which are indicated below.

2.3 This offer applies to any product.


3.1 Providing the Buyer with access to all the necessary information about the Products (description, ingredients) presented on the website.


4.1 The text of this Agreement is a public offer and is valid for all website visitors who have the intention, desire, and ability to purchase the Products.

4.2 Acceptance of the offer is the purchase of goods in the manner prescribed by this agreement, at the prices indicated on the website and consent with the terms of payment and delivery of the goods.

4.3 The fact of purchasing the Goods is the unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the terms of this Agreement.


5.1 The Seller undertakes to:

5.1.1 Arrange the transfer of the Goods to the Buyer in accordance with the conditions determined on the website and selected by the Buyer, or agreed with the Buyer after placing the order.

5.1.2 Provide the Product with a label indicating the date of manufacture.

5.1.3 Do not disclose any private information about the Buyer, do not provide access to this information to third parties, except as otherwise provided by law or at the request of the Buyer.

5.2. The Seller has the right to:

5.2.1 Change the terms of this Agreement, as well as the prices of products unilaterally by posting them on the website.

5.2.2 All changes take effect immediately from the moment they are published on the site.

5.3 The Buyer undertakes to:

5.3.1 By the time of the conclusion of the Agreement, familiarize himself with the content of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement and the prices of the Products.

5.3.2 By the time of placing an order, familiarize himself with the ingredients of the Product, terms of its use, indicated on the website or by phone.

5.3.3 In fulfillment by the Seller of his obligations to the Buyer, the latter must provide all the necessary data that uniquely identifies him as the Buyer, and sufficient to deliver the paid goods to the Buyer.

5.3.4. Before using the Product, the Buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with its ingredients, storage conditions, and date of manufacture.

5.3.5 In order to prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction to the Product, the Buyer must carefully read the ingredients and establish the absence of allergens for himself. If the Buyer knows about his allergic reaction to any component of the Goods, he shall not use it in order to avoid the consequences of the allergic reaction.

5.3.6 The Buyer undertakes to indicate during the ordering process the real name to which the shipment can be sent and received. The Buyer undertakes to indicate the real means of communication with him, otherwise he bears the risk of receiving an order or late receipt of an order.

5.4. The Buyer has the right to:

5.4.1 Receive the paid product in the quantity corresponding to its order, in undamaged packaging of the Product, with a label indicating the date of its manufacture.


6.1 The Seller makes every effort to ensure the quality provision of services to the Buyer.

6.2 The Parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement for the duration of the force majeure. Force majeure means extraordinary and insurmountable circumstances under these conditions that prevent the parties from fulfilling their obligations under this Agreement. These include natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.), circumstances of public life (military operations, emergencies, major strikes, epidemics, etc.), prohibiting measures of state bodies. During this time, the parties have no mutual claims, and each of the parties assumes the risk of the consequences of force majeure.


7.1 Prices for the goods are determined in the relevant sections of the site.

7.2 Prices for the goods and services depend on the market conditions. The Seller cannot change the price for a specific Buyer, if he has already accepted the terms of the Seller and made payment for the goods (services) specified in this agreement.


8.1 The validity of this offer is not limited.

8.2 The withdrawal of the offer can be carried out by the Seller at any time, it is not a basis for refusal of obligations for already completed sales.


9.1 Terms of delivery and payment for the Goods are indicated on the corresponding pages of the website. All questions arising in the process of payment and receipt of the Goods, the Buyer can find out using the contact information in the Contacts section.

9.2. The orders made by the Buyer on weekends and holidays are processed by the Seller on the first working day, about which the Buyer is notified under the details specified by him, by phone.


10.1. Information about the Products is presented on the website.

10.2. The Buyer agrees to receive advertising materials about promotions, sales, marketing programs, etc., by e-mail, mobile communications, including the contact information specified by the Buyer in his profile on the website. In case of unwillingness to receive such information, the Buyer can write a letter of refusal to receive information to the Seller.

10.3. By accepting the terms of this offer, the Buyer gives his consent to the processing (registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, restoration, use and destruction without your presence) of his personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On the Protection of Personal Data.